Dr Hobbs

Dr_HobbsDr Hobbs

Dr. Hobbs’ first Dental degree is from Odessa State Medical University in the Ukraine. Prior to that, she obtained her Registered Nursing diploma from Odessa Medical School #3. After meeting her husband, Paul, she moved to Canada, where they welcomed two children : Maya and.Brandon.

Dr. Hobbs returned to University in 2012 by entering the University of British Columbia International Dentist Degree Qualifying Program from which she graduated in 2014.

Dr. Hobbs continually strives to provide high quality dental care to her patients. She is well versed in all aspects of general dentistry, including diagnostics, fillings, root canal therapy, cosmetic crown and bridge therapy and extractions. Her additional interests and training include orthodontics : early treatment, and traditional braces. She participated in many hours of continuing education to advance her knowledge in these areas of expertise. Another area of interest is a procedure called “gum shortening” that is performed when a tooth has fractured or broken too close to the gum line and there is not enough tooth structure left to securely hold a crown. By “gum shortening”, she is reclaiming some additional tooth structure on which to cement a crown.

Recently, Dr. Hobbs obtained certification from the University of Alberta for the administration of Neuro-modulators, such as Botox for treatment of bruxism (grinding ) and to aesthetically treat fine lines and wrinkles of the forehead and around the eyes.

In her spare time, Dr. Hobbs loves spending time with her children and husband. Together they ski, bike and scuba dive.

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