Our Services

Some of our main dental services include, but are not limited to:

Dental Implants (Restoring)
A Dental implant requires a small titanium post to be inserted into the area of the missing tooth.  This acts as a substitute for the root of the tooth and a crown is fitted on top of this to look natural. Since dental implants integrate into the structure of your bone, they prevent the bone loss and gum recession that accompany bridgework and dentures.

Crowns are made of porcelain, gold or a combination of both, they are custom-made to match the shape and colour of the teeth to look natural. A badly decayed or weakened which cannot be set right by a filling needs a crown.

Fixed bridges are made of various metals, porcelain, or a combination of the two.  They consist of one or more replacement teeth attached to the natural teeth next to them and they replace missing teeth to make chewing easier.  They also improve appearance, and keep teeth, gums, and jaws healthy.

Invisalign uses custom-made series of aligners which are made of smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic to wear over the teeth. Overtime this gently shifts the teeth into place.  The aligners are replaced every two weeks until the teeth are perfectly set. Invisalign does not use metal brackets.

Extractions/ Wisdom Tooth Removal
Wisdom teeth tend to grow in different directions causing a lot of discomfort, which is why removal is necessary to prevent any further problems.  Once the patient’s dental and medical history has been established, and x-rays taken, an oral surgeon will remove the tooth by surgery local anesthesia.

Tooth can get a decay for many reasons.  But once present they need to be removed.  When they are removed they leave behind gaps and this needs to be filled.  A filling is the most conservative way of restoring a tooth. The two most common types of fillings are the silver amalgam and tooth-colored composite.  There are other options too.

Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening requires no anesthesia and is not painful.  It is a safe inexpressive bleaching procedure and takes care of all kinds of discoloration of teeth.

Veneers are made of porcelain and helps create a natural smile. They can be used for whitening, correcting the shapes, straightening and for closing spaces.  They are very thin and are bonded directly to the front of your natural teeth.

Root Canal Treatments
The space inside the tooth from the center, known as the pulp chamber, that travels down the length of the root to the tip (or apex) is called a “canal,” or more specifically, a root canal. Tooth decay can penetrate through the enamel and cause it be abscessed.  Any trauma, such as a chipped or broken tooth, can result in the exposure of the nerves in this canal. Any such trauma or infection in the canal requires root canal therapy.

Preventative Care/Dental Cleaning
To maintain a healthy set of teeth routine dental care, including regular checkups and preventive services, such as cleaning are required.  We have a range of preventive care of options for you.

Mouth Guards/Bruxism Appliances
Bruxism is the medical term for unconscious behavior of grinding teeth. This can cause many complications and damage to teeth such as worn enamel, chips, and flattened tops and teeth can get oversensitive to cold or pressure.  We have mouth guards to help prevent this.

Children’s Dentistry
Our Children’s Dental Care Program encourages proper dental care for children at a very young age. Our friendly staff ensure a comfortable and caring environment for children and make every visit enjoyable and fun.

Additionally our services also include Oral pathology and Oral Cancer screening.

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